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2018 Winner of the GEMMY award


Dr. Linda Martin

Each year, the graduate school recognizes the important work faculty members do in recruiting talented graduate students. Nominees for the Excellence in Graduate Recruiting Award must be enrolled in the Graduate Enrollment Management Plan. This award (otherwise known as the  GEMMY award), is dedicated to recognizing the outstanding work of faculty members who are using innovative strategies in recruiting students.

The finalists included: Dr. Ruby Cain from the Department of Educational Studies, Dr. Ashley Donnelly from the Department of Telecommunications, Dr. Larry Judge from School of Kinesiology, Dr. Linda Martin from the Department of Elementary Education, Dr. Megumi Hamada from the Department of English, Dr. Jennifer Palilonis from the Department of Journalism, Dr. Chip Taylor from the Department of Political Science.

At Ball State University’s annual Graduate School Recognition Ceremony, the Graduate School honored Dr. Linda Martin from the Department of Elementary Education for her success in graduate recruiting and her commitment to graduate education and helping graduate students.

Dr. Linda Martin was extremely successful in recruiting graduate students. During her time as Director of Graduate Programs starting in 2014, graduate enrollment increased each year. From fall 2016 to fall 2017, graduate applications increased from 109 to 225. During the same period, enrollment grew from 117 to 172, an over 30% increase in just one year.

The personal contact with prospective students is vital to successful recruiting. “Dr. Martin’s success in graduate enrollment is due in large part to her dedication to responding quickly to student inquiries,” said Dr. Patricia Clark, professor and chair of the Department of Elementary Education. “From initial questions about our graduate programs, to course planning, to issues that arise as students progress through the program, Dr. Martin responds quickly, thoroughly, and with a genuine concern for the students.”

Congratulations to Dr. Linda Martin for winning the 2017-2018 Excellence in Recruiting Award for your success and dedication to recruiting graduate students.


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Second Annual Graduate Faculty Mentor Award Winner

An outstanding graduate faculty mentor is someone who is devoted and available for their student mentees and assists their mentees in defining and achieving their own pathway to success. These mentors are accessible with their commitment and time and provide valuable knowledge from their own professional experience. They present opportunities to their students for professional growth and offer guidance and support on completing career goals, even beyond degree competition. Graduate student mentors encourage students gain the confidence to pursue their passions.

The Graduate Faculty Mentor finalists included: Dr. Sharon Bowman from the Department of Counseling Psychology, Social Psychology and Counseling, Dr. Mei Zhong from the School of Music, and Dr. YoungAh Lee from the Department of Journalism. Each of these finalists along with every mentor nominated should be recognized for their commitment and devotion to assisting graduate students.

At Ball State University’s annual Graduate School Recognition Ceremony, the Graduate School honored Dr. Sharon Bowman as the winner of the second annual 2018 Graduate Faculty Mentor of the Year Winner. Dr. Bowman received an astonishing 15 nominations from current students and Ball State alumni. She is described by her students as the the person who will calm your nerves, build your confidence, and push you to go a little further.

Dr. Bowman is known for unending knowledge and unfailing love for her students. In order to truly understand the lasting impact Dr. Bowman had on her students, here are some thoughts shared from the student nominees:

“Dr. Bowman was there to hear my worries, my concerns, and my struggles while also lovingly pushing me forward to face my fears and to keep working toward my dream of earning my Ph.D., because she believed in me and my abilities. There were countless times over the past 3 years in my doctoral program where I was tired, burnt out, and did not think I would make it. The fact that I have made it this far and that proverbial light at the end of the Ph.D. tunnel is growing brighter is in large part because of her.  I am getting teary-eyed as I write this nomination and realize that I have come to internalize what Dr. Bowman already knew from day one and patiently helped me to see it for myself – my strength and capabilities to achieve my dreams.”

“It is not uncommon for those who have had Dr. Bowman as a clinical supervisor to talk with their friends and say, ‘I had clinical supervision just now and Dr. Bowman looked into my soul.’ No words do it justice. During those times, Dr. Bowman understands what you need as a mentee and she provides it in her compassionate, caring, and yet brutally honest way. I have appreciated Dr. Bowman’s support and guidance during my time at Ball State and I am honored to nominate her for the Graduate Faculty Mentor Award.”

Without any doubts, Dr. Sharon Bowman is incredibly deserving of this award. Dr. Bowman truly goes above and beyond the role of a Department Chair, Dissertation Chair, Mentor and Clinical Supervisor. Congratulations Dr. Bowman on receiving the 2018 Graduate Faculty Mentor Award.