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Tireless efforts earn CICS director Graduate School Exemplary Recruiter Award

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If you meet Steve Jones, director of the Center for Information and Communication Sciences, in line at the grocery, be careful—you might be recruited to the center’s graduate program. His spirit, hard work and abilities to cultivate relationships earned him recognition from the Graduate School as the recipient of an Exemplary Recruiter Award.

“Dr. Jones is a recruiting machine,” wrote College of Communication and Information Sciences Dean Roger M. Lavery in his letter nominating Jones for the award. “He has strong relationships with several feeder programs across campus, and he constantly recruits students in the hallways, at the pool, at his church…everywhere.”

Beyond the university and the Muncie community, Jones has made connections with feeder institutions across the states of Indiana and Michigan, making regular trips to maintain relationships with faculty at other colleges and universities and creating student pipelines to the CICS program through his efforts.

Jones’ commitment to students begins even before they apply and extends well beyond graduation. He serves as a professor, mentor, career counselor, some students’ best reference and has even officiated the wedding of a former student.

“Dr. Jones spends more time building and maintaining relationships with alumni and employers than any other person I know,” Lavery wrote.

Jones’ efforts have helped the CICS program improve the quality of its applicants and maintain a high placement rate of 95% for students, even before graduation, according to Lavery’s nominating letter.

“[Jones] devotes 10- to 12-hour weekdays in the office to accomplish the many achievements and maintain the relationships that keep CICS in the top-tier nationally of information systems graduate programs,” Lavery wrote. “I can think of no more suited for this prestigious award.”


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