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Meet Frank and Lauren, the owners of The Caffeinery!

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Being successful in graduate school requires hard work, determination, and (in many cases) copious amounts of caffeine. Luckily for incoming Ball State graduate students, The Caffeinery is here to support your coffee-drinking habits! We’re excited to introduce you to Lauren and Frank Reber, owners of The Caffeinery, where the Graduate Student Mixer will take place during orientation on Thursday, August 20. Aside from the coffee shop, Lauren is a musician and professional photographer that specializes in wedding and lifestyle photography. Frank is a musician and recording engineer who specializes in recording music. Read on to learn more about this dynamic duo’s involvement in downtown Muncie and what to expect at the mixer. 

caffeinery 2

Photo courtesy of The Caffeinery

About their business: 

“The Caffeinery is a coffee shop and tea house that specializes in gourmet coffees, loose leaf teas, and espresso-based beverages. Whether you’re looking for a morning cup of coffee or a sun cured single origin ethiopian, you can count on our highly skilled baristas to execute your coffee needs with artistic precision. The Caffeinery is located in downtown Muncie, Indiana and is housed in northeast corner of the historic Murray building. The beautiful open-concept shop has been painstakingly designed to match the timeless visual aesthetics of the building itself.”

Photo courtesy of The Caffeinery

Photo courtesy of The Caffeinery

On how they decided to get into the coffee business: 

“We were actually at a local pub, called the Fickle Peach, when we overheard a group of people complaining that downtown Muncie lacked a proper coffee shop and how disappointing it is to live in a town where you couldn’t get a decent cup of coffee. We looked at each other and started to realize that coffee was the one thing we had always had in common between our two lines of work. She was always meeting clients at coffee shops and I was always making and serving coffee in the studio. Coffee seemed like it was something we could both do and do well.”

the caffeinery

Photo courtesy of The Caffeinery

On what new graduate students should know about downtown Muncie:

“Downtown Muncie is currently in the process of a grand transformation involving many large-scale infrastructure upgrades aimed at making the area a better place for everyone. Don’t let the construction turn you away from the many wonderful destinations that comprise the area. ”

On what students can expect at the Caffeinery mixer:
“Students can expect to enjoy a wide variety of gourmet coffee and tea selections! Our highly trained baristas will do their best to find you the perfect drink for your day!”
Photo courtesy of The Caffeinery

Photo courtesy of The Caffeinery

Thanks for sharing with us, Lauren & Frank! Keep up with The Caffeinery by checking out their website or following them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram
You won’t want to miss the opportunity to socialize with new graduate students at the mixer on Thursday, August 20– register now and check out a preliminary schedule of orientation events here! You can catch a free ride on the historic MITS trolley that evening, which will run directly from campus to The Caffeinery every 30 minutes from 5-7 p.m. 

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