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A Day in the Life of an Administrative Graduate Assistant

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This is part three of our Day in the Life of a Graduate Assistant series. Today, we’re featuring an administrative graduate assistant. To learn more about the different types of assistantships Ball State offers, check out the other posts in this series. 


Photo credit: Tiernae Salley

Name: Faith Kellermeyer
Administrative Graduate Assistantship Position: Recruiting Event and Social Media Manager, Ball State Graduate School
Program and Graduation Date: Communication Studies, July 2015
Hometown: Berne, Indiana

Brief description of what you do in your role:

My position is split between two main duties. As Recruiting Event Manager, I’m responsible for communicating with departments and prospective students to help plan and coordinate all of the events we hold throughout the academic year. As the Social Media Manager, I run our Facebook page, track analytics, and connect with students who have really cool stories to share, which then end up on this blog.

What’s one task you do every day?

I check Fire Engine Red, the program we use to track registrants for our orientation and information events, every morning when I get into the office.

First thing you do when you wake up:

I’m not a morning person, so I try to ease myself into the day by reading The Skimm on my phone before getting out of bed and listening to music while I get ready.

Typical breakfast:

Coffee and cereal.

First thing you do when you get to work:

I start with checking email, making a list of all the things I have to accomplish that day, and then working on longer-term projects. I try to save the projects that I’m most excited about and interested in (like student testimonials and orientation planning) for later in the day, when I’m most focused.


On the set of a Graduate School webinar.

It’s 10 a.m.: what are you doing?

One of the things I love about my job is that there is no “typical” day, and my schedule varies a lot. But, mid-morning is often when I have a project meeting with my supervisor and co-workers. During this time, we share project updates and get new assignment deadlines. These projects can be related to upcoming events (like working with other universities to plan an event for next fall) or task-oriented (like editing a video for orientation).

Go-to lunch:

When I’m smart enough to pack a lunch, I typically bring a salad with greens from my community garden plot. When I forget to pack (which happens more often than I’d like), I usually run to The Cup or The Caffeinery to grab a bagel and coffee.

How you beat an afternoon energy-slump:

Did I mention coffee? I’m also a big fan of taking a walk outside when the weather is nice enough. Getting up and moving helps me to clear my head and come back refreshed.

acpa with dr mulvihill

Presenting on best practice for graduate recruiting at ACPA in 2015.

Favorite part of your day:

The absolute best part of working at Ball State is getting to interact with so many amazing people. I feel really fulfilled anytime that I’m talking to prospective students or working with the Teleplex to create a promotional piece that features a student’s story. I’ve met some of the most interesting people during my time at Ball State, and that’s what keeps me excited to come back to the office every day.

After-work routine:

After work, I’m usually heading to class. Our classes are all during the evening, so sometimes I’m on campus until 10 p.m. Thankfully, Communication Studies classes are mostly discussion-based so it’s easy to stay engaged.

13_ind250_002 (1)

Welcoming students to orientation. Photo Credit: Ball State University Photo Services

How you wind down at night:

I’m a social media junkie, so I usually wind down by checking Instagram or Pinterest. I also love reading for pleasure, but during the school year I do so much class reading that I’m often more likely to turn to Netflix to watch something that will make me laugh–Parks and Recreation is my go-to.

Last thing you do before you go to bed:

I’m very people-oriented (in case you couldn’t tell), so my favorite way to end the day is by talking on the phone with the people I care about.

Thanks for sharing with us, Faith! 

If you’re starting a new graduate assistant position in the fall, be sure to join our Graduate Assistant webinar on Tuesday, July 14. You’ll learn about the expectations for a graduate assistant and have an opportunity to take part in a live Q&A with a panel of current graduate assistants. Register now.  


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