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Meet Kim, a Student Affairs student taking a stand against sexual assault

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Today we are pleased to introduce Kim Martin, who is working on a degree in Student Affairs Administration in Higher Education. Kim, who is originally from Myerstown, PA, knew she wanted to continue working with college students after spending two years working in the admissions office at her alma mater, Asbury University. Kim shared with us about her assistantship position in the Office of Victim Services and told us how graduate school has changed her life.

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Credit: Ball State University Photo Services

On what she does in the Office of Victim Services:

“I work as a graduate assistant in the Office of Victim Services located on the second floor of the Health Center, serving the Ball State community through educational and supportive services regarding stalking, relationship violence, and sexual assault. Though I could write a ten page paper on all I have learned, I have had a few main takeaways. I have learned that in order to truly change the culture around us, each individual has to make a choice to not rape, to be an active bystander, and to support victims by believing and listening. Though these topics can often be uncomfortable to discuss, the more we talk about them, the more confident we will be in making a difference for the world around us.”

On how Ball State has prepared her for a career in student affairs administration: 

“Ball State prepared me well for my career by giving me the opportunity for hands-on experience in addition to classroom knowledge.  Dr. Wessel, the director of the Student Affairs Administration in Higher Education program, is intentional about addressing necessary questions and topics during our monthly cohort meetings. We have had a variety of speakers come in and discuss topics such as job searching, interviewing, salaries, and professionalism. We are truly being set up for success after we graduate and enter full-time work.”


Kim tabling the OVS booth with a peer victim advocate.

On the extent to which Ball State Graduate School has impacted her life: 

“Ball State’s Graduate School has transformed my life because of the reputation it holds, and because of the connections I have made with faculty and staff. The beauty of transformation is that it does not just last one day, but rather impacts all of your future days. The influence I have experienced and witnessed through my supervisors, professors, and other professionals has truly transformed me throughout my graduate school career.”


Kim giving a presentation to students about consent.

Her advice for incoming students:

“Expect to be challenged in order to become the best version of yourself for the field you are studying. Some days you’ll want to run and hide for the rest of the semester, but know when you finish that paper, presentation, project, etc. and do well, you’ll remember why all of the stress and fear was worth it. Don’t sit in class for the grades or the approval from your professors; sit in class and do your best because you care about your education and respect your professors enough to do their assignments well. Every experience is what you make of it.”

Thanks for sharing, Kim! To learn more about Ball State’s Masters program in Student Affairs Administration in Higher Education, check out their website or contact them by email.

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month. For a list of on-campus events being hosted this month by the Office of Victim Services, visit their website. If you or someone you know is a survivor of sexual assault, relationship violence, or stalking, learn more about how to get help. You may also contact the Office of Victim Services by calling 765-285-7844, or e-mail for personalized options, referrals, and advocacy.


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