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Meet Chris, whose documentary-style storytelling propelled him to a commercial career in Los Angeles

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Today we are pleased to introduce you to Chris Kosinski, a Digital Storytelling student and up-and-coming filmmaker. Originally from South Bend, Indiana, Chris came to Ball State University for his undergraduate degree in Telecommunications Film and Television Production. He decided to pursue a graduate degree because he wanted to further develop his technical and narrative storytelling skills. He took some time to answer our questions about his experience at Ball State Graduate School.

Kosinski Head Shot

On the film projects he developed during graduate school:

“My graduate studies have helped me produce a critically acclaimed feature length documentary entitled The Healing Wall, become selected as a Television Academy Foundation (Emmys) Intern in Los Angeles, develop a series of commercials inspired by Joseph Campbell’s Monomyth, and have opened up many opportunities in Los Angeles after graduation.  It surprised me that academic research and its application to production work could make such a huge impact on my professional career.”

Screen Shot

Screen shot from The Healing Wall

On his favorite aspect of his graduate assistantship:

“I have a graduate assistantship in the Telecommunications department with the Primacy of Place initiative.  It is my responsibility to direct a series of mini documentaries and promotional videos for the Ball Brothers Foundation and their great cause.  The whole idea of Primacy of Place is simple, but so important.  For example, if I was offered a job in Muncie, IN or Indianapolis, IN, what would be the factors that keep me from moving into a larger city rather than staying in a smaller community to make a huge impact?  It would be quality of life factors like education for my children, a nice neighborhood to live in, ways that I could volunteer, philanthropic efforts, and so forth.  My favorite part of the graduate assistantship is to know that my directorial skills and work are being used to make a huge impact on the community.  I believe that is when storytelling takes itself to a whole new level of achievement.”


The Healing Wall poster

On his internship with the Television Academy Foundation (Emmys): 

“It was an opportunity of a lifetime in the sense that I was able to take all of the skills that I learned through my education at Ball State and apply them in an immersive, professional environment. Over 1,500 applicants entered nationwide and only 48 were selected. I started my internship in pre-production with the agency TBWA/Chiat/Day, where I was able to work on a number of incredible projects.  I even was able to sit in video village with the clients and the agency on the set of a Nissan Infinity commercial. After my two weeks at the agency, I moved over to the commercial production company, Radical Media.  This is where I had the opportunity to shadow 3 different directors and serve as a production assistant on the set of both Homegoods and NFL on Fox commercials.  After my 4 weeks were up at Radical Media, I moved to the post-production phase at Outpost Digital where I helped the company complete 3 post-production projects for their clients.”

On how graduate school has transformed his life:

“In two short years, I have changed in a way that I could have only dreamed when it comes to becoming a better storyteller and director.  I cannot believe how much I have developed through my graduate studies and research.  I would not be headed to Los Angeles for a promising career in the commercial production industry if it weren’t for Ball State University and the opportunities that this institution has given me.  I am so grateful for my time here, and realize that I would not be where I am today if it weren’t for the unique experience that Ball State has offered me.”

Kosinski at Red Carpet Award Ceremony

Kosinski at Red Carpet Award Ceremony

His advice for incoming students:

“Ball State University is not only an incredible academic institution, but an opportunity to fine-tune your skills in a way that you wouldn’t believe.  The opportunities and resources that the university offers are a unique and rare opportunity to accomplish something special in the short amount of time that it takes to receive a masters degree.  There are few academic institutions in the nation that are this special and enrolling in the graduate school is an opportunity of a lifetime.”

Thanks for sharing with us, Chris! If you’re interested in seeing The Healing Wall, you can catch an on-campus screening on Thursday, March 26 in the Art & Journalism Building in room 175 starting at 7:00 p.m. 

If you’d like to learn more about Ball State University’s Master of Arts in Digital Storytelling, visit the department’s website or contact program director Rob Brookey. To keep up with what Chris is doing, check out his website.


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